I benefited from an apprenticeship early in my career, so I have tried to support and teach other artists as a professor, mentor, and through Whale & Star and our summer workshop. I ran a workshop at the Anderson Ranch for many years, and now this is the third summer workshop at my studio in Los Angeles. 

The workshop offers artists with a developed practice the opportunity to immerse themselves in critiques and discussions covering a diverse and challenging range of historical, theoretical, and practical perspectives. 

The workshop mornings will be devoted to discussions and presentations, and the afternoons will be dedicated to critiques of the work brought by the participants as images. In addition to the critiques with and presentations by myself, there will be an invaluable critique/response session to the participants’ work by a group of respected Los Angeles gallerists, critics, and curators. 

This workshop is part of Whale & Star, my efforts beyond the studio, which also include our publishing house, programs for children, grants for artists, and internships.


I might expand it in the future, but this Summer Workshop will be limited to 20 participants. I would like to make you aware that based on past experiences with my other workshops, I am expecting applications from many more qualified artists than we can support. 

The application consists of four parts: a written statement about your work (PDF format); an exhibition history/CV (PDF format); a statement of your reasons for coming to this workshop (PDF format); and eight (8) samples of work (JPEG format, please limit each image to 1 MB). These materials must be sent as email attachments to (11 files in total). 

The application deadline is Tuesday, April 9th. Accepted participants will be notified by Monday, April 15th.


The workshop will begin with a reception on Wednesday night, July 10th. The mornings of July 11th and 12th will be dedicated to presentations and discussion. The afternoons and early evenings of both days will be dedicated to critiques. The tone of these critiques is respectful but intense. On the late afternoon of July 12th, a group of Los Angeles gallerists, critics, and curators will respond to each participant’s work. The workshop will end with a reception on Friday night, July 12th.


Participants are to arrange their travel and accommodations for Los Angeles, CA at their own discretion. Participants should plan to arrive in LA on Wednesday, July 10th, to join the Opening Reception at 6 PM. Lunch will be provided by the studio on July 11th and July 12th, as well as refreshments throughout the day.


The studio will charge a $520 workshop fee to cover our expenses. If you are unable to pay the fee, please let us know, and we will try to help if you are accepted.